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Welcome to Priority Cargo Australia

Priority Cargo Australia (PCA) was originally established in Sydney in 2000. PCA’s primary focus at this time was sea freight imports from mainland China. The company quickly expanded opening new offices in Melbourne (2004) and Brisbane (2005). Today we are a major forwarder servicing Australian exporters and importers; we also have a strong global presence with longstanding agency agreements in over 26 countries. PCA prides itself on its multicultural team, with a strong Chinese influence. Our people, combining over 60 years experience in the freight industry with a rich knowledge of Australian merchandise trade, have done an outstanding job to win our clients trust. PCA will continue to provide personalized, pro-active and customer-oriented service through highly efficient team work achieved by our enthusiastic, progressive and result-orientated employees.


Sea freight is a cornerstone of our business in which we are recognized as a wholesaler by container shipping lines who rely on us do deal with high volumes effectively and efficiently. PCA has its focus on the Asia Pacific region; the most active region of Australian merchandise trade (59.8% of export to and 48.5% of import from this region in 2005-06, sources: International Economic Databank.


At Priority Cargo Australia ‘Your Cargo Is Our Priority’